As you all know, halloween was yesterday. At my school there were many creative costumes and some were just straight-up fabulous! There were goddesses, unicorns, minions and so much more. My friends and I were some pretty interesting things as well. This was my first time dressing up in middle school and I especially went all out. I was an Imperial Empress (in the middle) and my friends were cats, wolves, Robin Hood and a cheerleader. It was such a fun day! Anyway enough about me... Have a fun Day-After-Halloween!





So I have finally posted enough pictures to actually have some viewers. Its been about a month and a half since I created my photography site and I am very satisfied with the progress. About three weeks ago I received an email saying that I had 115 views on my website (Applaud)! I've gotten off to a great start and I hope that you viewers continue to come back to this site and see all of the updates and new pictures taken by me!
I love art. I love all types of art, they all connect in a way. And I have to say that my favorite type of arts are the performing arts. It kind of ties into everyday life. People are always acting and being dramatic. I also like photography and film. I admit that I am not the best at it- actually, I am not good at photography at all. Although I do love how much effort is put into it. Photographers can make people look at things in a totally different perspective. I want to do that- I want to be able to share the joy and all of the fun I am having in middle school with just one click of a button! They say that a picture says a thousand words but I want to be able to tell more than a thousand words with my photos.


    My name is Cache but I go by Cash. I am 13 years old. I'm in 8th grade and I am on a journey to share all the fun times that I am having through photography and performing arts!


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